Metalurg amazingly dominant against rejuvenated Vojvodina

Metalurg - Vojvodina

Metalurg have on Tuesday evening displayed full dominance against rejuvenated Vojvodina team celebrating a 39:20 win in the end closing SEHA season in the best possible way. However, despite of the outcome, Vojvodina will finish the season on sixth position and Metalurg on ninth.

Serbian champions arrived to Skopje with youngsters and only 12 players (two goalkeepers) in their roster which was far from enough for them to resist a highly-motivated home team. On press conference before the game coach Danilo Brestovac said he expects his players to come up with a dominant victory and that's exactly what they did.

Five minutes into the encounter the result was 4:0 forcing coach Rojevic to call an early timeout. However, he did not manage to change the course of the game with Metalurg opening the gap to 19:7 before the half-time break against a Vojvodina team which was just not able to stay close and play a competitive one this time.

In the second Metalurg only kept up enlarging the goal gap to 32:13 with about 15 minutes left on the clock. After that they slowed down a bit but still didn't allow guests to come any closer than -19.

Mice Shilegov, Martin Serafimov, Mihajlo Mladenovic and Bojan Madjovski scored six goals each for Metalurg while Alen Ovcina netted eight for Vojvodina.