Easy victory and first three points for Nexe


As expected, Nexe secured their first points of the season against Chinese team Beijing Sport University. The team from Nasice demonstated their quality on the court and secured very convincing 40:26 (18:7) victory on the home court against the newcomers from China. On the other side, Beijing Sport University are once again left with zero points and are currently on the bottom of the table in Group A.

Very early in the match, it was clear that the points will stay in Nasice. The home team had 11 goals advantage on the half-time. In the second half, the guest team were playing without any pressure. So, they showed some good actions and great play. The bad news for Nexe was Tomislav Kvastek's foot injury. 

This match was perfect opportunity for Nexe coach Hrvoje Horvat to give some more time on the court to younger players. Especially because they were playing without some of the their main stars like Jaganjac, Srsen, Vida, Vozab and Tomic.

Gianfranco Pribetic with 7 goals and Fran Mileta with 6 goals were the best scorers in the winning team while Moreno Car had 12 saves in only 30 minutes on the court. Yue Cao from Beijing Sport University scored 9 goals which made him the best scorer of the whole match.