Barisic Jaman: “I hope that today's win will be the start of our winning streak“

Sasa Barisic Jaman

Nexe - Beijing Sport University 40:26 (18:7)
(Pribetic 7, Mileta 6 / Cao 9)

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
We were fully concentrated on the court today which could be seen especially in the first half. After that, some other players stepped on the court and that's why our rythm slowed down in the second half. I am very satisfied with our approach from the very beginning of the match. Now we need to continue with hard work so we can improve from match to match. 

Sasa Barisic Jaman, Nexe player: 
I would like to congratulate to my team on the first victory. We were stuggling a bit in the first three rounds, some things did not go as we planned. I hope that today's win will be the start of our winning streak. We can only expect better play in the future. I would also like to congratulate to our guest team and I wish them luck in the future SEHA - Gazprom League matches. 

Vlado Sola, Beijing Sport University coach:
I would like to thank our hosts for the fair play and congratulate them on their victory. What I'm proud of is the fact that, despite we are only together as a team for two months, we managed to improve some aspects of our play. We also have some problems with injuries as our two key players missed today's match. The goal for this team in the SEHA - Gazprom League is to get familiar with the european handball.

Yue Cao, Beijing Sport University player:  
Our team did not play good in the first half. But, we changed some things in the second half and significally improved our play. I am very pleased with my play and I hope to continue such performance in the future.