Vojvodina and Nexe to clash in the 9th season's opener


The new season of the SEHA - Gazprom League will start in Novi Sad on Monday, 2nd of September at 7 PM (CET), when domestic team Vojvodina and Croatian vice-champions Nexe will clash for the first points. The new playing system with two groups will raise importance of every victory in order to get a better position before the Playoff stage. 

In the last season, both teams won the matches on their domestic courts. Vojvodina beat Nexe 26:21 in Novi Sad, while Nexe were better in Nasice 29:23. 

The Serbian champions led by young coach Boris Rojevic had a great last season with celebration of three trophies on the domestic court. But, team's roster had some changes during the summer. The central parts of defense, Dusko Celica and Goran Trkulja left the club while some new forces joined the team. Vojvodina welcomed experienced playmaker Nemanja Pribak and left back Stevan Sretenovic who will make the team’s attacking potential stronger. 

On the other side, Nexe said goodbye to Marin Sipic and Ante Gadza. Team from Nasice welcomed Serbian line player, Zivan Pesic and Ivan Dumencic who will be ready to continue the series of good results in Nexe.

The opener of the season will be broadcasted on TV Arena Sport (in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia), Sport TV Slovenia and ehfTV.

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
A strong SEHA League season is in front of us. There are seven teams in the League that also compete in the EHF Champions League. There are eight national champions and two Champions League finalists from last season. Vojvodina will try to find a place among such great teams. Last season we showed that we can play equally with everyone. No one outplayed us and we will try to do this season as well. We changed the team a little bit. We are trying to recruit new players and we certainly cannot expect to be in top form now. However, after matches at the Doboj tournament, where we lost a opportunity to fight for the trophy with only one goal, we are optimistic. Nexe is a great team. They have been building their play and tactics for years. So, it will be a difficult game.

Stevan Sretenovic, Vojvodina player:
We know that we will have to give our best in this match. I expect a good outcome for us. Nexe have a really good team, but I think we can play good handball. I also expect a big help from our fans.

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
On Monday we have a tricky guest appearance in Novi Sad against the hosts, Vojvodina. We know that they have some new players in their roster so the match will be extremely difficult and demanding. We learned something from the past two years when we have lost the matches on their domestic court. This time we will be smarter and more patient and we hope that the defense will do its part just as we envisioned it. We respect Vojvodina so much, they are well organised both in defense and transition and we have to be 100% ready to win the points. It is important that we have all the players at our disposal and, after a long time, our team will be complete. “

Marko Mrdjenovic, Nexe player: 
We will, as a team, do everything our coach Hrvoje Horvat envisoned and hopefully we will succeed and come home with the points.