Boris Rojevic: “We have shown that defense will be our main strength this season“


Vojvodina – Nexe 29:23 (13:11) 
(Nikolic 5, Ovcina 5 / Dumencic 4) 

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach: 
We deserved victory. We were nervous for the first 15 minutes and then we relaxed. I'm glad we didn't allow to our opponents to score more than 23 goals. We have shown that defense will be our main strength this season as well.

Stefan Ilic, Vojvodina player: 
This is a fantastic start of the season for our team. Today we had a lot of running and because of this fast tempo of the game there were a lot of mistakes. I am glad because our team played with a lot of energy. That is a model of play that we must continue.

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
Our opponents showed more desire tonight. It is now clear that no one can easily score points in Novi Sad. If someone starts with low energy against Vojvodina, then there will be problems. And that's what happened to us. We missed a few shots in the first half and that’s what decided the end score. 

Gianfranco Pribetic, Nexe player:
That was a tough game with an agressive defences. Vojvodina players wanted this victory more than us. At the end, they deserved a victory. We must rise our heads up and be better in the next game.