Strong Vojvodina take points in season's opener


Fantastic start of the 9th SEHA - Gazprom League season has been seen at Slana Bara hall, where two regional rivals, Vojvodina and Nexe played for the first points of the season. The Serbian champions showed a very good performance in the early stage of the season, beating Nexe 29:23 (13:11), just like the team led by Hrvoje Horvat did in Nasice in the previous season

After the opening part of the match in which Croatian side had twice +2 goals, home team led by Boris Rojevic raised up the level of defense to ensure advantage on the half-time break, from 7:8 to 13:11.

The second half was just an extension of quality defense helped by enthusiastic fans in Novi Sad. Vojvodina left wing Alen Ovcina put his team four goals up at the beginning of the other half, which was a sign that Boris Rojevic's boys won't give Croatian team a chance for a turnover until the end.

Nexe have found  the way to endanger Vojvodina's net with two line-players, Zivan Pesic and Mario Tomic. But, on the other side, response was in hands of experienced playmaker Nemanja Pribak, who showed how big of a reinforcement he is for the team.

Hrvoje Horvat has took time-out on 23:20, but two attractive and quick goals by Rajko Prodanovic definitely gave the answer to the question about the winner of the season's opener.

Jovica Nikolic and Alen Ovcina netted five goals each for the winners, while Ivan Dumencic scored four for the team from Nasice.